Top 10 most annoying things

Do these top 10 lists annoy you? :) If bad motorists drive you mad or lack of etiquette leaves you cold, don’t worry, you are not alone. It is always the little things that we cannot change or control which annoy us the most. Based on a poll of the 100 most annoying things, here we have the top 10.

1. People who talk too much during movies.

Over the top exclamations at every single scene. Asking a friend an obvious question about a character. Most people seeing a movie for the first time are going to be thinking similar thoughts as the plot progresses. If you think you’ve had an epiphany and you think you can predict the ending, RESIST THE URGE.

2. Drivers who tailgate.

If you tailgate you are the cause of the majority of accidents on the roads today. YOU ultimately make the rest of us late! Keep away from me, you are a liability.


3. Drivers who don’t use indicators.

Not all of us are fortune tellers, we can’t predict what you’re gonna do next. Signalling your intentions is basic courtesy, and enables us to make informed decisions about what we should do. Besides, not signalling is downright obnoxious. It says, “Your safety doesn’t matter to me”


4. People who eat with their mouth open

I really don’t wish to see the contents of the congealed food moving around in you mouth, and to hear your smacking noises.

5. People who cough or sneeze and do not cover their mouths

Lets not spread a new super virus please.

6. When people block escalators, stairways, doorways, or other narrow passages because they are having a conversation.

In the grand scheme of things, your little reunion is not QUITE important enough to warrant inconveniencing the masses.

7. Slow walkers

Or even when people just stop in front of you.

8. When people start getting on the train as others are still getting off


9. Rude shop assistants

No social skills, no simple manners, what are you doing working in the service industry? Also when they chat to a colleague while serving you! “Sorry are you talking to me or your colleague”

10. People who keep pressing the pedestrian button

When the button is pressed the green man will only show once the timer has synchronised with the main lights. Pressing the button repeatedly has no effect.



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