Thank Singapore & Malaysia for Ketchup and Chicken Chop

A Short History of Tomato Ketchup

17th century: The Chinese mixed a concoction of picked fish and spices and called it kôe-chiap (Amoy dialect).

18th century: The sauce made its way to Malaysia and Singapore, and it was called kĕchap. This name may have come from the Malay word kicap (pronounced “kichap”), which itself derives from the Chinese word above.

British sailors took it back to England, and started to call it ketchup. English settlers then took ketchup to the American colonies, where it was mass-produced by H.J. Heinz.

Chicken Chop

This is NOT a western dish! No one outside of Singapore or Malaysia knows what chicken chop is! The chicken chop is a local creation. Hainanese chicken chop was invented by Hainanese people who worked for the British during the British colonisation era.

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