The Difference Between: “Marry”, “Merry” and “Mary”

Although spelt differently, are “Marry”, “Merry” and “Mary” pronounced differently?   British English   In British English (Received Pronunciation), the differences are as follows: Marry [ˈmær.i] rhymes with “carry” Merry [ˈmer.i] rhymes with ‘cherry” Mary [ˈmeə.ri] rhymes with “fairy”   American English A survey conducted in the US asked: “How do you pronounce marry/merry/Mary?” All...

Separated By a Common Language?

British vs American vs Singapore English   What does Lee Kuan Yew say: “There is an intense worldwide competition for talent, especially for English-speaking skilled professionals, managers and executives. Our English-speaking environment is one reason why Singapore has managed to attract a number of these talented individuals to complement our own talent pool. “They find...

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