The State of English in Singapore from an international perspective

  Should you improve your command of English or learn more languages? Alex talked with Kai, Vernon, Kevin, and myself last month, for the Limpeh Is Foreign Talent V-log series. We had a very interesting, open and unscripted discussion on many topics related to: Singlish, accents, languages, and pronunciation. Featuring Kai – Linguist, Polyglot, Language Guru (Finland)...

Separated By a Common Language?

British vs American vs Singapore English   What does Lee Kuan Yew say: “There is an intense worldwide competition for talent, especially for English-speaking skilled professionals, managers and executives. Our English-speaking environment is one reason why Singapore has managed to attract a number of these talented individuals to complement our own talent pool. “They find...


Where Do Accents Come From?

ACCENT: How the words sound Accents are established over years by people from different areas conversing with each other. An example is the Liverpool ‘Scouse‘ accent or Singapore ‘Singaporean’ accent. Your accent results from how, where, and when you learned the language you are speaking. It is true that accents are passed down through family however our biggest influence...

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