Singapore: Making the Germans feel at home

‘Yeah’ in Singapore is pronounced the same as ‘Yes’ is in Germany. “Ya”



Yeah = ‘Ya’

The ‘e’ sound in ‘Yeah’ is sometimes pronounced with an ‘a’ sound. Other examples of this blending of sounds includes:

  • bet / bat
  • den / dan
  • beg / bag

Note: This does not happen to all words with an ‘e’ in them.

Ya lor. – ! Used when agreeing with someone



Yes = Ja



  1. Sourav Roy20/04/2015

    Funny… my wife and mother-in-law (Germans) have a deeper 'yaaah' which almost always strats with a slight hint of 'E' in the beginning, as in 'Eyaaaah'".. ha ha 🙂 But I've made it a point that my kids don't go about 'braying' like that and just say a British 'yes'..haah 🙂

  2. Angmohdan26/04/2015

    Thanks Sourav 🙂


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