Please avoid using “revert” in email messages when you mean to say “reply”, “answer” or “respond”. Revert actually means “to return to a previous state”. In legal terms, revert means “to return a property to its original owner”.


Common Phrases

Common phrases found in email messages include:

“Please revert.”
Replace with: “Please respond.”

“Please revert to me.”
Replace with: “Please get back to me.”

“I will revert to you tomorrow.”
Replace with: “I will reply tomorrow.”

“Please revert as soon as possible.”
Replace with: “I look forward to hearing from you soon” or “Please reply as soon as possible.”

Actual Uses of Revert

“From tomorrow onwards, we will revert to our old practice of recording all sales transactions on paper instead of keying them into the computer.”

“When the princess kissed the frog, he turned into a prince. But after he betrayed her, he reverted to his amphibian form.” and send to someone this week.


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