Singapore is the Biggest Importer of Rambutans on Earth

Rambutans are indigenous to Malaysia and Indonesia however they are grown throughout Southeast Asia. The fresh fruit is oval-shaped and also roughly 1 – 2 inches in length. It features a slim, leather like skin engrossed in several tubercles that seem like spines having a curve in the tip. The fruit’s exterior skin differs from greenish-yellow to orange or even crimson. Visually, the fruit looks like a little sea urchin. Inside, the juicy flesh is generally white or even rose-tinted and also sticks to the ovoid seed.

  • Cousins include longang and lychee
  • Trees are 3 – 6m high
  • Not all trees produce crops, as some are male.
  • Some trees are also hermaphrodite, which are the most prized
  • Now also grown in Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hawaii, Vietnam, Australia, India, Africa, Ecuador, and Central America
  • Singapore has remained the biggest importer of rambutan on the planet, comprising a lot more than 60% of world imports.

How to say the word ‘Rambutan’

There are some interesting ways to pronounce ‘rambutan’. Listen to these pronunciations from the top 4 online dictionaries:

/ræmˈbuːtən/ [ram-BOOT-uhn] via Collins Dictionary

/ræmˈbuːtən/ [ram-BOOT-uhn] via Dictionary.com

/ræmˈbuːtən/ [ram-BOOT-uhn] via Oxford Dictionaries

/ræmˈbuːtən/ [ram-BOOT-uhn] via Merriam Webster

/’ræm buːtæn/ [RAM-bu-tan] via Merriam Webster (Another version)

Location of Rambutan Trees in Singapore

Why not help by putting the location of rambutan trees on this Google map here.

Pictures of Rambutans

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