Lego & Aikido Philosophy

Lego – “Play well”

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Build something amazing from the tools at hand, and with unlimited creativity you can recreate the world.


The word lego comes from a contraction of “leg godt”:

Which is a Danish phrase meaning “play well”. Interestingly, one meaning “lego” has in Latin is “collect, gather, or bring together”.

Aikido – “The Way of unifying with life energy”

Harmonizing with, rather than confronting, acting decisively and being present “in the moment”, and letting techniques flow naturally by being in tune with the universe.


The word “aikido” is formed of three kanji:

合 – ai – joining, unifying, combining, fit


気 – ki – spirit, energy, mood, morale


道 – dō – way, path



We often forget how to play; however try to cultivate the freedom to trust yourself, follow your intuitions, create and release your minds. To play is to discover the world, oneself, and to naturally create impulses to drive our imaginations.


However, we can’t always play, be aware that there are moments of conflict with others, with our environments with our bodies, with ourselves. Choose to be mindful and to see conflicts as a chance to make a change and allow yourself to learn and grow from these experiences.

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