Killed Picking Rambutans in Singapore

July 1968, four villagers killed when they entered a live-firing range to pick rambutans

angmohdan place
angmohdan place

14 July 1968

More than 10 villagers from Kampong Bereh ventured into a prohibited area to pick rambutans during a live artillery exercise at Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute Firing Ground at Choa Chu Kang. Four of the trespassers were killed, while nine were left injured.

25 July 1968

For the Love of durians

The Ministry of Defence was fed up with explaining to civilians why they should not enter gazetted live-firing areas. It would now prosecute any trespasser.

Lured by the thought of trees laden with durian, rambutan and other free fruits, trespassers continued to ignore warnings, but officials said such areas were also full of blind rounds that could explode if stepped on.

On 14 July 1968, four villagers were killed and nine injured when they entered a live-firing range in Pasir Laba to pick fruit despite warning signs. The fruit trees were planted by the former owners of the land.

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