How Do You Say: Controversy, Garage, Neither, Scone, Schedule, Attitude

Between November 2010 and April 2011 the British Library asked people all over the world to submit a recording of their voice. Contributors either read a children’s story, Mr. Tickle by Roger Hargreaves, or a list of six words:

  • Controversy
  • Garage
  • Neither
  • Scone
  • Schedule
  • Attitude

Listen to all the recordings here


British Pronunciation

American Pronunciation

1. ControversyCON-truh-ver-seecuhn-TROV-uh-see
2. GarageGA-rarjguh-RARJ
3. NeitherNIGH-thuhNEE-thuh
4. Sconeskonskohn
5. ScheduleSHED-joolSKED-jool
6. AttitudeAT-i-choodAT-i-tood

More British versus American pronunciation here


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