How Do You Hold a Pen/Pencil?

I use the dynamic tripod, how about you?



The correct pen/pencil grip enables students to produce handwriting at a speed necessary when the written work load increases. The most satisfactory grips or holds are shown above. Below are a few other types:


How do you hold your pen or pencil?



CONCLUSION. Pencil grasp patterns did not influence handwriting speed or legibility in a sample of six categories of pencil grasp. This finding adds to the mounting body of evidence that alternative grasps may be acceptable for fast and legible handwriting.

Source: American Journal of Occupational Therapy


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  1. Quora25/01/2016

    What is the correct way to hold a pen for writing?

    Despite what most of us were taught in school, there are multiple correct ways to hold a pen, with a few common ones illustrated here: ​ Source: But when all is said and done, the best way to hold…


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