Flashing Headlights



  1. To allow a vehicle, cyclists or pedestrian to proceed usually when they do not have priority.
  2. To warn others of hazards or to simply greet a person that you may recognise.
  3. Communicating to another vehicle that a police speed trap or camera is ahead.


“Get the fug­gout­-ta-my­way cos I’m speeding up. Just cos you’ve turned on your indi­ca­tor lights to turn and I ram into you, it’s not my fault”

You Can’t Give Way in Singapore

The horn and the flash should both be used as warnings, which leaves nothing to demonstrate a “giving way” situation.

You can resort to waving madly at the other driver to let them go, only to be met with a blank stare and utter confusion. Wouldn’t it be good if you could just flash your lights, and then off they go? Wouldn’t traffic run much smoother?

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