iPod presentations on LCD projector

Display Presentations from an iPod Mini using a School LCD Projector.


This is something I’ve been doing for 8 years; ever since the days of the 40Gig iPod (2006). Nowadays I use an iPod mini and plug it into the school projector junction box. It has been a quick and efficient way to show slides without the need to boot up a laptop and run applications.


I still use video cables instead of VGA or HDMI, however there is nothing stopping you from using VGA. My iPod mini does not have VGA output enabled, so do check your iPod for the correct functionality. I believe an iPad mini with VGA cables would be a slick alternative.


I thought, that now I have a blog, it would be nice to share this ‘hack’. This has been a tremendous asset when traveling to different schools and running back-to-back classes. I can simply plug in and press play!


The setup requires:

  • iPod
  • Video cable
  • Dock & Remote
  • Singapore School 🙂

Connect the video cable to the yellow socket on the junction box, set the projector input to video, and press play on the the iPod. Use the remote to to flick through slides. Have fun!


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