Anti-social Behaviour


My Brother saw this sign (above left) in Brick Lane, East London whilst buying Kaya.

This sign is put up in areas which are problem spots for anti-social behaviour and gives the police the power to take action as they see fit.

Typical anti-social behaviour might include:

  • being rude to members of the public
  • abandoning cars
  • arson
  • begging
  • breaking the peace
  • casteism
  • defecating/urinating in public
  • disturbance
  • drug dealing/consumption of controlled recreational drugs
  • drunken behaviour
  • fare evasion
  • homophobia
  • intimidation
  • littering/fly tipping/dog fouling
  • loitering
  • noise pollution
  • racism
  • rioting
  • spitting
  • stealing/mugging/shoplifting
  • urban exploration
  • vandalism/criminal damage


Section 4 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 (UK)

Dispersal of groups and removal of persons under 16 to their place of residence

(1)This section applies where a relevant officer has reasonable grounds for believing—
(a)that any members of the public have been intimidated, harassed, alarmed or distressed as a result of the presence or behaviour of groups of two or more persons in public places in any locality in his police area.

So the police can order you to leave an area if they suspect that you might be about to behave ‘anti-socially’ and if you refuse their order to disperse, then you are committing an offence. There is no need for the officer to have ‘reasonable suspicion’ – just a feeling.

Does Singapore have an anti-social behaviour act?

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