8 Ways to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

According to Dan Zarrella there is a science to getting more likes on Instagram. (Mr Zarrella is a social media scientist at HubSpot)

Dan analysed 1.5 million Instagram photos to determine why some images were more popular than others. The results may just surprise you!


In a nutshell here they are:

1. Use as many Hashtags as you can

2. Don’t Use the Filters

3. Use a Strong Call-to-Action (“like” , “comment” etc.)

4. Don’t over-edit your Instagram photos!

5. Have more edges & structures in your photos

6. Use the Right Colours (greys, blues & greens)

7. Keep Photos Bright

8. Include Faces (people love faces!)


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This awesome infographic shows Dan’s research:


More details about these Instagram findings are here

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