8 Bad Road Habits in Singapore (Support The Gentlemen Movement)

Check out and support the new social initiative to cultivate and instil road courtesy, patience and good driving habits in Singapore. The Gentlemen Movement

Many road accidents can be avoided if there is a lot more road courtesy and less kiasuism.

Just Give way lah!


Straits Time online poll:

Which of these bad road habits do you detest most?

1. Drivers who don’t signal. 25.87%

Not all of us are fortune tellers, we can’t predict what you’re gonna do next. Signalling your intentions is basic courtesy, and enables us to make informed decisions about what we should do. Besides, not signalling is downright obnoxious. It says, “Your safety doesn’t matter to me”


2. Drivers who speed up when they see someone trying to filter into their lane. 24.83%

3. Drivers who road hog. 15.72%

4. Drivers who are aggressive. 10.84%

5. Drivers who tailgate. 9.23%

If you tailgate you are the cause of the majority of accidents on the roads today. YOU ultimately make the rest of us late! Keep away from me, you are a liability.

6. Drivers who use their mobile devices at the wheel. 8.23%

7. Drivers who honk indiscriminately. 3.66%

8. Drivers who speed. 1.61%

No need to die die get in front

No matter how much another road user has annoyed or inconvenienced you, never lose your cool.

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