5 Ways to Piss off an Ang Mo


(Being ill-mannered)


1. Stare for ages with no expression


If you are going to stare at someone, at least say “hi”.

2. Rush through doors without holding the door open for the person behind you.

You don’t have to stand for ages holding doors for people, but if they are 10cm behind you, do hold it open for them. If you wish to be extra courteous, and if someone will be entering the door shortly after you, pause a second and hold it open.

3. Don’t move towards the window seat on the bus. Instead twist body and let the person squeeze past.

4. Respond with head flick when others greet you.


“Good morning”



5. Be late

A consistent pattern of lateness says that you aren’t as prepared or organised as you could be. Additionally, it sends the message that you are not respectful of other people’s time. Being on time (in the least) or 5-10 minutes early (as the norm) plays a role in your image.


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