4 Easy Steps to talk like Yoda

Talk like Yoda, you can


Yoda’s unique style of reversing the words in a sentence are easily recognised by Star Wars fans around the world.

Here’s How:

  1. Take the first two or three words of a sentence, and just add them to the end. For example: ‘You will find what you are looking for’ turns into ‘Find what you are looking for, you will.’
  2. Rearranging the negative in a sentences works very well. For example: ‘I will not help you’ turns into ‘I will help you not.’ Avoiding contractions will help in this — ‘I can’t go there’ turns into ‘Go there, I can not.’
  3. Adding a ‘hmmmm…’ at the end of an altered question. For example, ‘Do you know what I am talking about?’ turns into ‘Know what I am talking about, do you? Hmmm…?’
  4. Adding a ‘yes’ to an altered statement. For example: ‘You are here for my help’ turns into ‘Here for my help, you are… yes…’

Please go here for a really in depth analysis of Yoda speak.


Picture credit Fernando Degrossi



  1. Piglet29/11/2013

    I believe there is a more technical way to explain it… it’s not just the first 2-3 words.
    Like in the example, “I will not help you.” I think Yoda would’ve said, “Help you, I will not.”
    So I think it’s basically taking the subject and everything before the verb and putting it behind? I dunno… I see a pattern, but I can’t pinpoint it in terms of grammar. Haha!

    1. angmohdan29/11/2013

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