25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

An interesting article which lists 25 suggested manners children should follow. Although it should be noted that adults (being role models) should follow some of these too.


This list was created by David Lowry, PH.D. and originally appeared in the March 2011 edition of Parents magazine.



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  2. Yilin Wang30/08/2015

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  3. Jonathan Turbin02/03/2024

    While I very much agree with much of this list – eg, unless I recognize the caller’s voice, I never identify myself until they identify themself – some of the items on this list give me pause. I’m not sure a child should always do favors for adults without question. At best, the adult might be being presumptuous. At worst, malevolent. A rule like that could be supplemented with “of course, I’m talking about favors such as ‘your mother and I are busy with work. Could you please run to the store and pick up a quart of milk?’ If you’re unsure if this is a favor you should carry out, say something like ‘I’m sorry, but my parents/grandparents/older sister are expecting me shortly. I should ask them if it’s OK first.'”


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