12.5 Reasons to Celebrate Living in Singapore


I have now Lived in Singapore Exactly 12.5 Years

I’ve lived in Singapore for one quarter of the 50 years of its independence. The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Singapore began in February 2003, good timing, but this did not deter me. In Singapore I found my true love, Bevlyn… and a strange fascination with Rambutans.

Other than the weather, the safety and the wonderful friends, here are some other reasons why Singapore is a wonderful place to live:

1. It’s a tropical island

2. The food


3. Kopitiams


4. Singlish

5. Powderful Passport to Travel With

6. Ranked 3rd Most Attractive Global City

7. Durians

8. Taxi Uncles

9. Featured in Hollywood Movies

10. Place Names

11. Initialisms not Acronyms

12. Marina Bay Sands

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