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Singapore Passport: 5th Powderful Passport to Travel With

The World’s Most Powerful Passports (Singapore up one place from 2013) 2014 According to the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, Singapore is in joint 5th place in terms of having visa-free access internationally. This placement is along side Switzerland as countries who enjoy access to 167 countries without the need for a visa. 2013  …

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BMI (Body Mass Index) classification for Asians

If you compare your BMI values with the World Health Organization (WHO) accepted world wide body mass index ranges then you may be getting the wrong classification. The WHO BMI categories are based on the world wide average weights in relation to the height. e.g. Underweight (under normal) Average (normal) Overweight (above normal) Obese However, in Asian countries it…

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One Word That’s The Same in Every Language

The word ‘huh’ will unite the world According to Mark Dingemanse and his colleagues, ‘huh’ is a word that is actually native to all languages. Their fascinating in-depth article talks about the word ‘huh’ as in “Huh?”, or to put it another way “What did you say?” It is claimed that this universal word occurs…

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