Speak with confidence.

Don’t shy away with what’s on your mind. Speak up, share your opinions. Your promotion and/or sales depend on it!

Effective communication. Reduce insecurities.

Don’t let your speaking ability hold you back. We will improve your diction and raise your confidence.

Avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t be judged unfairly by the way you pronounce your words.

Expressive voice. Avoid monotonous speech delivery.

Daniel Kerson

mrdanAs a degree qualified UK graduate, he has had exposure in lecturing, training and consultancy-based positions in many diverse industries both here and abroad.

Residing in Singapore for over ten years he has conducted English courses in a plethora of establishments. He is able to work well a large cross-section of students and has an underlying appreciation of both schools’ and students’ needs. He is well-liked, energetic and able to impart knowledge in an interesting and unique way.

Learn English phonetics, speech writing, conversational skills and more with a British native English speaker.

A comprehensive 13 years experience in Singapore schools as an English consultant for more than 80 Secondary Schools, Primary schools and Junior Colleges. This totals fourteen thousand students to have been taught by Daniel.

Also, proud to have successfully passed thousands of students in LAMDA and Trinity Guildhall spoken English exams!